Spooky Season - How to Avoid PR Nightmares

By PressReady Team

Spooky Season - How to Avoid PR Nightmares

Most of the time when you hear the term “PR Nightmare” thrown out in conversation, it’s typically in reference to an embarrassing or socially-shocking “celebrity” type behavior. We’re here to tell you that’s not always the case. A bad reputation for a person, product, or brand can be created from the get-go, so it is important to avoid common PR mistakes from the start, while doing everything you can to preemptively manage your message! A few of our favorite things to remember are:

1. Less CAN be More. 

After meeting with an editor, be appreciative, not pushy. Sending a simple thank-you email can go a long way before you start badgering them about coverage. 
An editor’s nightmare: getting spammed with follow-up calls and messages 24hrs later, receiving emails with heavy attachments like high-resolution images or media kits (unless requested), being bombarded on social media platforms, or receiving impersonal  “fill in the blank” emails that feel spammy and transactional.
2. Business in the front, and part-- business in the back.
Social media has not stopped growing and it doesn’t look like it plans to stop anytime soon. We’ve all gotten pretty comfortable navigating within a few platforms, but familiarity and comfort can be a slippery slope. Check out our latest blog post on the “Do’s and Don'ts of Social Media'' for some more tips and tricks to keep your social media platforms neat and nightmare free!

3. Start strong, end stronger. 

Building a strong, reputable, respected brand is what most of us are after whether we are  business owners ourselves or supporting a team working towards this goal. But, building a consistent brand is where the magic lies. Consistency truly is key. From your brand positioning, core values, aesthetic, mission, and goals: a strong foundation can weather any (PR) storm. Luckily, we have a workbook specifically dedicated to helping you find your brand’s identity and finetune your storytelling skills. 

4. Planning Makes Perfect

"Public Relations” and “winging it” do NOT fit in the same sentence. In your dreams every detail matters and turning that dream into a reality is no exception. Creating a content calendar for each quarter or season will help you stay organized and build upon your ideas. Putting ideas down in a schedule makes them more concrete and provides a visual aid to find any major gaps to fill before putting your brand out into the world. Introducing your brand on social media, and then falling off the face of the (social media) earth, will inevitably lead to a nightmare… well, more like a ghost story. Our Brand Calendar Workbook will walk you through the steps to build your content and expand it to any platform to help you stay present and keep your brand alive and well!


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