Current Public Relations Trends

By PressReady Team

Current Public Relations Trends

Public Relations is an industry that continues to evolve and grow to meet the market’s needs.  With new technology, new companies being built, with unique strategies everyone is fighting to have the newest, most innovative ideas.  With all of these new changes PR trends have expanded and evolved over time to best fit what is happening in the industry today.  Read about some of the latest and greatest trends in Public Relations.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In recent years the need for more Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in companies has finally come further to the forefront.  Companies have been working with PR teams to rebrand their website and their companies missions, values and materials to show more DEI and show what an inviting and accepting company they are for employees and consumers alike.  They are working hard to make positions of power and employees more diverse and show they are supporting movements such as Black Lives Matter, equal pay for women, becoming LGBTQ friendly and more by putting their money where their mouth is.  By doing what’s right and setting a good example it makes people more eager to work in these environments and also makes consumers feel good about supporting their businesses.

Social Media

Social media has grown in abundance over the years and still continues to today even more quickly.  There are new trends coming out everyday on different apps and it is how most people in our generation stay connected.  Most consumers are constantly using social media, so PR experts have had to strategies to go across different social media platforms.  Performing creative campaigns depending on the app and its audience, making each one relatable to get people engaged is key.  This is created across earned, owned and paid opportunities that create a brand story and keep up momentum.

Brand Collaboration 

More recently, PR experts have been integral in the curation of partnerships that match audiences that align to successfully cross promote. Whether you’re Stoney Clover for Target or Gucci and The North Face each partnership should be well thought out and executed with the right assets, events and cross promotion to support it.. This can be done within the small business community with local events, promotions on social media, sharing resources such as photo shoots.

Public Relations will always be a huge key to a businesses success - keeping up with savvy consumers and a rapidly changing landscape is the key. What PR trend inspires you most to try?


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