Nostalgia for the ‘90s - Iconic Moments by Women

By PressReady Team

Nostalgia for the ‘90s - Iconic Moments by Women

Happy Women’s History Month! As we kick off this epic month, we can take a moment to appreciate all the strong, bold, and creative women that have impacted not only our daily lives but modern fashion in a major way and use their trailblazing in your messaging. 

This era introduced some of the most iconic fashion moments in fashion history especially for women. Key names in the fashion industry that were complete icons in the ‘90s; Alicia Silverstone who is most remembered for her role in Clueless as the role of Cher based on Jane Austen’s classic novel Emma Her unforgettable 90s preppy outfit consisted of a yellow blazer, with a matching yellow tartan skirt and knee socks. Jennifer Aniston’s looks in the famous TV show, Friends live on now. Her beloved character, Rachel, had the wardrobe and hair that were envied by so many. We also can not forget Princess Diana, where she taught us to invest in an oversized puffer coat, vintage sweatshirt, paired with bold biker shorts and a chic pair of sneakers - you are ready to get on with your day.

All of these women have not only shaped ‘90s fashion but have helped bring it back as icons in today’s modern world! As we walk through the streets, you look around and you see these fashion trends coming back to life. Vintage is the new “rich look” and above all circular and can be bought second hand at consignment shops; Ebay, The RealReal, etc. 

Celebrate female icons for taking risks in the 90s that we can now celebrate and invigorate nostalgia in your content going forward. For inspiration we love following @90sAnxiety.Here are some other accounts you can follow on Instagram to spark your own ‘90s vibes:

  • @90s.babes
  • @1990archives
  • @shesvague
  • @90smilk
  • @vintagefashion

Overall, this month we are celebrating women for risk taking, lessons learned, how we learn about nostalgia with brands, and storytelling. You can apply this to your personal or business brand. Use risk taking to set you apart from your competitors. Learn lessons along the way through your mistakes and use that to make you or your brand more aware. Use nostalgia and storytelling for good to engage your target audience.



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