Leveraging Social Media for Holiday Season Success

By PressReady Team

Leveraging Social Media for Holiday Season Success

Believe it or not, it can still be the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are around the corner, so it’s time to start rolling out your best laid plans. Despite this being a hectic time of year, maximizing the holiday season to best leverage growth for your business is important. If your products are relevant to the season at hand, this is one of the best times to keep your brand front-of-mind with customers and engage with your audience! From cross-promotions to sharing company missions and values, we’re mapping out the best ways to celebrate the season: 

Cross Promotion 

Cross Promoting with other businesses and/or influencers is a great way to get your products and services out there while reaching a larger audience. Try to focus on partnering with another small company to help boost your community and introduce your followers to a local business that compliments your offerings. This is a great way to get some fresh new content.  Need help figuring out where to start? Check out our recent blog posts on pitching to influencers and writing a compelling pitch to master this! 

Curated Gift Guides

Create gift list graphics to post on your page! Make everyone’s gift giving even easier by featuring your own products, and circling back to your cross promotions to help bundle or offer new ideas to categories you don’t cover. Don’t forget to include best ways to give back to your favorite causes, and products from other companies to offer variety. People are always looking for the perfect presents, some easy guidance can go a long way! 

Company Culture

Customers want to see what’s happening behind the scenes and get a good sense of the company’s team and mission. Your followers want to see all the amazing things that your team is working on! Post visuals showing how you’re preparing for the holidays across all channels including posts, reels, and stories. 

Holiday Hashtag 

Figuring out a clever hashtag can be a great touch to your holiday posts. Once finalized, encourage your followers to use it, too! This will help to curate a community for your followers and employees to take part in. Make sure you get creative and that the hashtag is unique to your campaign. To increase engagement, comment on and like the pictures that feature your hashtag. This can be a way to create brand loyalty and make people excited about what you have to offer! 

Send Holiday Cheer

Not everything has to be about promotion! Dedicate a few posts to simply wishing your followers a great holiday. Spread an inclusive and supportive message by acknowledging holidays beyond Thanksgiving and Christmas. Doing this will enable you to support your diverse array of followers, and also help you convey a more complete presence beyond sales on social media. Tools such as Canva make it simple to create cheery visuals while Paperless Post is a great way to create a holiday greeting for email promotion. 

Everyone loves the holidays, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with your followers. Cheers to the last few weeks of 2020, let’s make it count!



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