Pitching Influencers: The Quick and Dirty

By PressReady Team

Pitching Influencers: The Quick and Dirty

In our Writing a Compelling Pitch blog, we covered the importance of pitching and how to do it successfully . In combination with your media relations outreach, the power of social media influencers allows you to cover all bases. Here are some best practices when it comes to working with people of influence on social:

Why Influencer Partnerships?

Influencer partnerships are a great way to bring exposure to your business helping you to reach a larger audience creating fresh new content. According to hubspot.com, 80% of marketers find that influencer marketing is effective, and 89% suggest that it works just as well as other forms of marketing. Influencer marketing isn’t something new but it’s always changing so it keeps you on your toes!

Perfecting Your Influencer Pitch: 

Pick Your Influencer 

Though this step seems like the obvious, it’s important that you find an influencer that fits your demographic. Targeting an influencer who you find identifies with your business is just as much of a strategic choice as writing the perfect pitch. It is far more beneficial to pick an influencer who is aligned with what you're offering, rather than targeting an influencer simply based on their metrics. Once you’ve found influencers who you think have an audience who will also enjoy what you have to offer, it’s time to start planning the perfect pitch. 

When Writing Your Pitch…

Be Specific

There is a fine line between dictating what the influencer posts and leaving too much to their imagination. Have a clear-cut idea of what you want that still allows the influencer to be creative. Outlining what you would like to see can be helpful, but keep in mind that you do not want to create too much work for the person you’re pitching to. Be as specific as you can, while still giving them creative freedom. 

Make it Mutually Beneficial  

Much like networking, in order to be successful it has to benefit both parties. Be clear about how the person you’re working with will also gain more engagement through the post. As stated by convinceandcovert.com, think of it as:  do not ask how the influencer can help your brand, ask how your brand can help the influencer. If you’re able to show how the partnership will benefit you both, you are not only more likely to work with the influencer, but also get better content out of it. 

Keep a Clear Timeline

Having a deadline helps when it comes to planning. If you do not have a set idea of when you want the job to be completed, it is more likely to get lost in the shuffle. In order to create some priority around your vision, providing a deadline helps the influencer to better schedule their content and gives them a clear understanding of when you would like them to get their post up. If you are able to thoughtfully plan out deadlines, it will also benefit you in the sense that you’re able to schedule content around that date, helping you get the best information out when your engagement starts to increase. Be sure to send through items like your campaign brief, contract and hop on any calls to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This partnership needs to be successful by your prompt participation, feedback, and approval. 

Feeling Inspired - Get Going! 

Check out our Influencer Onboarding Tool Kit. This kit includes information on how to build an influencer kit for your next campaign and our 5-step plan for success. Additionally, it walks you through the negotiation process with a sample to build off of, and a customizable keynote template to make your own. This kit is perfect for anyone who is starting to expand their influencer outreach, or just trying to get a better idea on how to approach it! 



Over all, influencer marketing is a way to bring exposure to your brand and rethink your creative process to fit social media. Use this as a way to see what works when it comes to branding your company, and create lasting partnerships that will benefit both of you. Have fun! 


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