Think Big...Shop Small

By PressReady Team

Think Big...Shop Small

At PressReady, we are focused on helping small businesses get their voice heard. Big or small, their creative ideas and dedication deserve to be shared with the world. With Small Business Saturday approaching, it's more important than ever to highlight the importance of supporting independent brands. While the buzz phrase “shop small” gets tossed around a lot, it isn’t always clear why consumers should consider shopping small business.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to solely think of big consumer corporations when shopping for new products or services. Especially with the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting consumers' shopping norms, convenience and familiarity were a fallback for most individuals when considering which brands to buy from. But with the world beginning to open back up, it is a great time for small businesses to highlight the benefits and importance of supporting independent businesses. 

As a small business exclusively focused on supporting other independent businesses, we’ve rounded up three reasons why supporting small businesses makes a big difference:

1. Unique Products & Services

A lot of the time, small businesses have products you truly can’t get anywhere else. While the prices may be a bit higher than the closest big-box store in your location, the price is reflected in the quality of the item. Try checking out resources like Etsy to find a variety of hand-crafted, personalized products made by local artisans or think about shopping your favorite local brands before you head to a big-box store.

2. Supporting Your Local Economy

When you shop small you are not just helping out someone’s neighbor, or a friend of a friend. You are also supporting the community in which you live and the local economy. Small businesses help create jobs. Also, when businesses pay sales tax, the money goes back to the city in which the business is located. For big-box chains, who knows where that is, but for the businesses in your town the money stays in your town. This helps fund public schools, roads, and parks. Imagine your neighborhood without the unique mom-and-pop restaurant, local bakery, pastry shop, or craft cocktail bar. Visiting these feel-good places helps personalize your neighborhood no matter how big or small your community is. 

3. More Personal Interactions

One of the most refreshing things about shopping small is that the individuals behind the brand truly care. In small stores, the employees are likely the owners and online the customer service interactions feel like you are simply emailing an old friend. The conversations are genuine, information-rich, and personable which is something extremely rare to find in larger brands. This could mean supporting your local coffee shops, art galleries and favorite restaurants. Oftentimes Facebook groups in your area can be central hubs for all things small business.

At PressReady we strive to support these businesses and corresponding communities by helping their voice be heard. If you're wondering how you can support your local brands right now, from the comfort of your couch, look no further. We’ve all gotten MUCH better at searching for information over the past year so bring those skills to use! Do some research by looking up “small” or “local” or “family-owned” businesses near you, who knows, you might find your new favorite spot. Another way to get involved is to follow and engage with small brands on social media. Social media has taken over and sharing these new brands you’ve discovered with people around you can bring more like-minded individuals into the community.


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