5 Things Small Businesses Can Do to Maximize Their Visibility Now

By PressReady Team

5 Things Small Businesses Can Do to Maximize Their Visibility Now

With the holiday season upon us, and business owners seeking to close their year on a strong note, we thought we would take a look at a few things small businesses can do immediately to maximize their visibility during this especially busy season.

1. Show how you’re giving back to your community and share this with your audiences 

Are you giving back to your community this holiday season? Show your followers what kinds of good things you’re up to! Lead by example and illustrate  how important it is to be involved in your community by showcasing how your business is giving back to local causes. Illustrating this will help inspire your audience to consider supporting local businesses and causes in their community as well.

2. Personalize your messaging at all times - speak to their specific needs and concerns. 

Understanding your audience's needs and demands is a necessity. They want to know that they are being heard and that you’re listening closely to their  opinions, concerns and ideas. Personalizing your product details, promotions as well as social media posts and interactions allows them to feel like a priority and will help you reach them in a meaningful way

3. Share what you’re doing for the holidays this year - create a connection to them that’s personal and authentic

Don’t hesitate to be transparent when it comes to your social media posts. Creating a personable space is important because it shows your audience and followers the real you. Connect with them about your holiday plans, gifts you’re giving, or your favorite family holiday traditions.

4. Leverage social media to amplify your message with your product or service

Everyone is on their social media platforms for the holiday season to learn about sales, find inspiration for gifts, and to get ideas from other people’s  holiday activities. This is a perfect time to put work into your platforms and incorporate your offerings most creatively. Posting regularly and interacting with similar accounts and with your followers is a great way to gain momentum for your brand while getting into the spirit of the season. 

Give these tips a try and take advantage of the busy holiday season to bring more attention to your business!


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