Start Your Year With 2020 Vision For Your Business

By Madeline Leesman

Start Your Year With 2020 Vision For Your Business

Happy New Year, entrepreneurs! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season spent with loved ones and made lots of heartwarming memories. Now that the new decade has begun, it’s time to set in place your plans for your business for the future.

Jumping back into work can be quite a lot to handle after a relaxing break, but we’ve created a helpful checklist for you to use to pinpoint what your small business needs to succeed in the new year. From deciding to bring onboard fresh faces to your staff to analyzing your shortcomings from the previous year, here’s six pointers to help you ensure you start the new year with a clear-cut vision for your business before you embark on any new endeavors.

1. Analyze your business’s current bandwidth and make necessary changes.

Before the holiday break, did you find yourself biting off more than you could chew to keep your business afloat? If the answer is yes, was this done by choice or by necessity? This could be a sign that it’s time to bring someone else on board. If you’re in the need for a flexible, transient position, freelancers or interns could be a possibility. If you’re in need of a full-time associate, it’s time to announce a job opening.

2. New year, new office?

Do you and your coworkers enjoy your current work space? If you work solo, perhaps a fresh change of scenery could be at a coworking space where you can connect (and possibly collaborate) with other entrepreneurs. If you work with a team, some coworking spaces offer room rental options, otherwise you could find a new workspace in proximity to you and your employees that spark creativity.

3. Assessing your company’s goals.

Have you identified exactly where you’d like to see your business one year from now? What about five years from now? This step is especially important, as all the choices you make from here on out will mold what your business will look like in the years that follow. Setting realistic goals for your business and not growing too fast too soon can ensure success in the years to come.

4. Be honest about your pitfalls from the previous year.

We as humans learn from our mistakes, and the same goes in the workforce. Be careful to avoid any missteps you or your colleagues took in the past year. It’s expected to slip up every once in a blue moon, but consistent errors can cost you your business if they continue to occur. If there’s mistakes surrounding a certain individual or team of individuals, one-on-one conversations should take place to make sure everyone knows how to carry out their job properly to avoid mistakes.

5. Get your story heard.

If all the previous pointers are set in place, congratulations! You’re off to a great start. Now it’s time to get your story heard and earn the exposure your business deserves. Check out PressReady’s Tool Kits and Personalized Pitch Kits to figure out the next steps for your business in the new year!


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