Have a goal? Write it down!

By Madeline Leesman

Have a goal? Write it down!

Have a goal? Write it down!

Hello again! Last week on the PressReady blog, we discussed the importance of laying the foundation for your business for the new year (and decade) so that you’re prepped for success moving forward. Today, we’d like to springboard into something a bit different, but still pertains to achieving the goals you have for your business. 

If you have a goal, whether it be personal or professional, you must write it down. Remember being in school and teachers would emphasize writing down your notes rather than typing them? It’s because when you write things down with pen and paper, it improves your focus and helps ingrain the information into your memory. 

Writing down your goals is known to help people achieve them more steadily than those who don’t. When goals are written down, your focus on those goals becomes amplified. Furthermore, the goals become more heavily embedded into your daily routine and thought process rather than coming and going as fleeting, wishing thoughts of a better situation.

Once you’ve explicitly written out your goals, another way people are “writing” down their goals more recently is by building vision boards. A vision board is a collage of photos representing your goals that is meant to be hung up somewhere where you will see your goals day in and day out. That visual reminder of what goals you’re striving for can help motivate you to achieve them.

Going off of that, your brain can’t focus on a million goals at once. Cut out all the “fluff” goals that seem nice, but aren’t as important as the others. For me personally, I’ve found that if I focus on three major goals, usually my smaller goals end up falling into place as well later on without me having to consciously try to make them happen. When you’re focus and energy is on the right goals, the stars will align and the smaller ones can manifest themselves along the way.

On a final note, make your goals attainable and realistic. Shoot for the stars, by all means, but one of the biggest disappointments people tend to see with New Year's resolutions in particular is that they bite off more than they can chew and end up giving up on their goals soon after. Dream big, but be honest about your limitations. This year is all about having a 2020 vision, so make sure yours isn’t clouded up by unrealistic expectations for yourself or your business.


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