Recapping with our Winter & Spring 2021 Intern & Looking Forward to Summer

By PressReady Team

Recapping with our Winter & Spring 2021 Intern & Looking Forward to Summer

PressReady happily welcomed Lauren Melagrano to the team in the very beginning of January 2021. Throughout the duration of the Winter and Spring months, Lauren collaborated with PressReady Co-Founders, Liz Anthony and Suki Mulberg, on social media posts, blog articles, monthly newsletters, client-related work, and participated in many exciting creative brainstorming sessions. 

As Lauren’s internship with PressReady comes to a close and Summer is just around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to have Lauren share some of her favorite things about working with PressReady, and her plans for the Summer months ahead! 

“Interning with PressReady for the duration of my second semester of my Junior year at Marist College has been a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed developing upon my writing, research and overall public relations skills through hands-on involvement in producing client content as well as PressReady content such as developing brand narratives, media target lists, press releases, pitches and conducting competitor research. Some of my favorite blog posts that I have written for PressReady are “Biggest PR Trends - Spring 2021” and “How to Break Writer’s Block: Brainstorming and Blog Post Writing Tips.” I would like to thank both Liz Anthony and Suki Mulberg for giving me the opportunity to intern with PressReady and for teaching me all about the public relations field. Although I am sad to leave PressReady, I am excited for the next chapter of my public relations career as a Summer 2021 Intern at _____ and I look forward to keeping in touch with the PressReady team!” - Lauren Melagrano 


Here are Five Fun Activities Lauren has on her Summer 2021 Bucket List!

  1. Picnic in Central Park
  2. Go see a Drive-in Movie
  3. Visit a Local Farmers Market
  4. Go Camping with Friends
  5. Go Paddle Boarding 


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