How to break Writer's Block: Brainstorming and Blog Post Writing Tips

By PressReady Team

How to break Writer's Block: Brainstorming and Blog Post Writing Tips

Writer’s block happens to everyone and it is completely normal to experience. For some, writer's block may be the inability to brainstorm intriguing topics and ideas to write about, while for other writer’s block may be the complete lack of ability to put your ideas or thoughts into flowing sentences that form coherent paragraphs. Even the most experienced writers find themselves staring at a blank page, and find starting the hardest part of writing a compelling blog post. 

Blog post writing is an essential and highly effective way to communicate with your consumers and key publics. Although writer’s block can be a challenge to overcome, there are plenty of ways to spark creativity and start brainstorming brilliant ideas!

Here are five tips to help spark inspiration and overcome writer block!


Take a Break!

Sometimes you just need to step away from your current task and come back to it later! Switching your focus for a bit will allow you to revisit your writing piece with a fresh set of eyes and clearer head. 


Read, Read, Read!

Checking out other writer’s content may help you to think of new ideas and angles for your own content. You can’t be creative in a funnel! 



Sometimes when we write, we focus so much on choosing the right words that we overcomplicate the message that we are actually trying to get across. One way to avoid this is to imagine that you are talking to a friend when you are writing. Think about the “voice” you would use if you were discussing with someone you know - what would you say, what would make your conversation interesting? 


Get Moving, Get Outside!

Sometimes all you need to overcome your writer’s block is a change in scenery! Going for a walk or a run or hitting the gym are great ways to increase your energy levels and spark creativity. 


Think About Your Optimal Time of Day For Being the Most Productive 

If you are a morning person, you might produce your best writing pieces in the a.m. while enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day. If you are a night owl, maybe inspiration sparks for you right before bed while scribbling your thoughts down in your journal. Find out what time of day you are most productive when it comes to writing and block off that time!


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