Biggest PR Trends - Spring 2021

By PressReady Team

Biggest PR Trends - Spring 2021

The challenges so many businesses faced this past year brought into clear focus the importance of brand messaging, storytelling and the ability to quickly, coherently and succinctly adapt and speak to important issues Without doubt there will be a lasting impact, shaping aspects of our culture, businesses and communication techniques. Staying on top of PR trends will ensure not only that your brand messaging is consistent and relevant, but also that you’re reaching your audience.

We’re highlighting some tips and takeaways for the biggest PR trends happening right now:  

Consistent and Relevant Social Media Content Is Essential 

In order to reach the right audience for your brand, it is important to maintain a consistent brand message and voice while simultaneously staying relevant with current events and social movements. Posting quality content that is timely and connected to today's social climate won’t just help you attract a larger audience, but it will enable you to better connect in meaningful ways with that audience. 

Place Company Values at the Heart and Forefront of all Messaging and Communication 

More and more businesses have not only devoted their social media space as a place for promoting products and services, but also as a place to share their values by participating in open conversations on current social and cultural topics. Place relevancy and authenticity at the root of all brand messaging, and be prepared to follow through in your company’s actions in a way that is aligned

Zoom is Here to Stay!

As much as we miss seeing people in real life, working on the go or from the comfort of your own home saves time. Continue to offer up virtual meetings with clients and members of the media - and find creative virtual ways to display products and present ideas.

Organize Your Digital Files 

Digital media kits and online portfolios are more present now than ever. Make sure all of your high resolution images, press releases, bios, portraits, lookbooks and other marketing files are named comprehensively and organized cohesively for easy sharing and collaborating. 

Thought Leadership to Further Storytelling  

Creative storytelling in the form of PR has been around for a while - but PR is no longer just about earned media coverage but about finding your story and getting it in front of audiences through an array of mediums like social media, thought leadership, content marketing and corporate blogging. Thought leadership, particularly through the form of executive bylines, has become a central part of successful storytelling and should be a part of media plans. 

Time to Tap into the Power of Podcast 

Over the past few years, the podcast industry has been rapidly growing. As a communication medium, podcasting can offer your consumers unique advantages such as ease of consumption and brand-consumer intimacy. The podcast community and audience is still growing and podcasting is a great platform to share in-depth insights and dive into deeper relevant conversations with your audience to develop meaningful relationships with your current audience and create relationships with new audiences. 


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