Recap: Suki Mulberg Altamirano and Liz Anthony featured on The Select 7

By Madeline Leesman

Recap: Suki Mulberg Altamirano and Liz Anthony featured on The Select 7

Earlier this month, our founders Suki Mulberg Altamirano and Liz Anthony were featured on The Select 7 to discuss all things personal branding! Considering their lengthy careers in PR and their experiences here at PressReady, Suki and Liz were a perfect pair to feature for this topic.

For the feature, Liz and Suki shed some insight on marketing, content creation, and timeliness in regards to building your personal brand. The first important aspect they touched on was creating your brand story, something we've discussed here on the blog as well. 

"Your story will define your brand narrative and not only should it be authentic but it should be relatively succinct. Write, edit, write, edit and edit some more until you come up with the perfect narrative. If you’re like us, your first draft will be too long, but getting something on paper is the first step and then you can focus on drilling into what’s most important and tightening up your language," Suki and Liz said in the interview. 

Also, using personal anecdotes and content to reach your audience is an effective tool that surpasses any Instagram algorithm or influencer partnership you read about online, but the timeliness of when you put out your content can make or break your business.

"Getting your brand story heard is a marathon not a sprint. Consistency is your friend and keeping up with regular blog posts, social shares, media outreach and other content is critical to long-term success," said Suki and Liz. 

For more highlights from our founders interview with The Select 7, click the link here!


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