#PRAdvice: Telling Your Story

By Madeline Leesman

#PRAdvice: Telling Your Story

We all love to hear a wholesome origin story from a brand that we believe in. Whether it’s a small, local nonprofit or a massive global corporation, when we learn the background of a brand that we pour our money into, it helps us better understand the brand's identity and allows it to stand out against its competitors.

When you take a look at your own business, have you pinpointed the exact reasons why you started? Is your story compelling and worth sharing with the world? If the answer is yes, that's great! But how to you write your story in a way that clearly shows your brand's identity?

Start by determining what the catalyst was for you to create your business in the first place. How long did it take for you to develop the idea? Was your first office somewhere modest, like inside a garage? Did you have any employees, or were you on your own? Give your audience a glimpse into what your life was like when you started, and how it compares to where you are now.

Now you must pinpoint what makes your business different than your competitors. How does your background story tie in with that? Did you have a less than positive experience at one of your competitors and decided to strike out on your own in the same industry to offer a better experience? You don't have to call other companies out by name, but there should be an anecdote of information as to how your origin story ties into how your business operates differently than your competitors.

Last is getting the media to take notice of your business. We touched on this a few weeks back, but the only way to find media outlets to give your business coverage is if you have a solid brand identity and story in place first. With PressReady's Brand Identity and Storytelling Workbook, you can easily find your brand's identiy and direction and start getting media coverage in no time. 


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