PR 101: Getting Noticed

By Madeline Leesman

PR 101: Getting Noticed

You've decided to take the leap and start your own business. Congratulations! Now, how do you develop your brand's identity? Build consumer trust? Most importantly, how do you get noticed?

Out of all the challenges presented when launching your own business, seeing your company's name in the media may seem the most daunting and difficult to achieve. But, it is essential to building you're brand's recognition. Whether you're trying to make it as a successful freelancer or looking to hire a slew of full-time employees, there are do's and don'ts to attain followers, consumers, potential investors, and, of course, media coverage.

Well executed public relations strategies can secure your spot in the headlines. Your audience wants to hear a good story from the maker behind a brand they believe in. Your brand's origin story should serve as the catalyst to expand your media outreach slowly yet strategically. Your LinkedIn connections can be the foundation for building your relationships with journalists and other vital members of the media. And to top it off, your consistent, newsworthy pitches and press releases should be signed and sealed with your brand's memorable logo and slogan to create a lasting image in the minds of the writers behind the publications you pitch to.

With the right public relations tactics and tools, your business will be PressReady in no time. Research and write about content that is relevant to what people in your industry are talking about and how it pertains to your business. Sending your pitches to publications with a similar outlook to your own can propel your business to their front page. Additionally, pinpointing the common ground between your business and that of a news outlet can secure you a spot in their story budget and lead to repeated coverage.

Getting noticed is one of the fundamental concerns in starting a business, but it is attainable. Want to learn more? Check out our introductory kit to getting your business PressReady here:


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