Elevate Your Brand Using Cross Promotions

By PressReady Team

Elevate Your Brand Using Cross Promotions

One of the most effective ways to build your following is through cross promotion. This is a great way to tap into new audiences and grow your customer base. Once you find a brand that compliments your own, cross promotions allows you to share content, services and products to benefit both partners. Here are some cross promotional tactics that will grow your audience in engaging ways. 

Virtual Events

Hosting an event with a partnered brand can be a great way to engage your audiences while sharing information about both brands. Whether it’s an expert panel, fireside chat or office hours with your community, virtual events allow both brands to share their stories and find new followers. 


If multiple brands have complimentary products and/or services, a giveaway on social media is a fun activity to grow online engagement and showcase offerings to new audiences. Your current followers will love the opportunity to win and will help to add a new following by bringing in potential new customers. 

Social Media Crossovers

Social media crossovers are a great tool for brands to leverage for gained exposure, new followers and increased engagement. Whether it’s shared content or takeovers, social media provides the perfect channel to collaborate for mutual success. 

Gift Bundles

If your brands share common interests, combine your customer base and followers that are seeking the same types of products and services. By promoting gift bundles that include your offerings, you can entice your customers with an exciting deal and land in the hands of new loyal customers. 

Community over competition is key. Working with other businesses can be a great experience for both parties and their followers. Good luck exploring the exciting possibilities! 


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