Health Tips for the New Year with Sarah Scarborough

By PressReady Team

Health Tips for the New Year with Sarah Scarborough

Living a healthier life is usually at the top of everyone’s list of new year’s resolutions. We had a chat with entrepreneur and small business owner Sarah Scarborough of Firepot Nomadic Teas in Nashville, TN. Sarah shared 3 major ways she practices wellness in the form of her morning rituals, evening rituals, and seasonal rituals. We thank Sarah for her sage advice on creating a happy and healthier new year in 2020. You will find her interview below. 

PressReady: Could you share the wellness practices most important to you and your everyday lifestyle? 

Sarah Scarborough: “Wellness is my favorite thing to share with people, so here are some of my most beloved rituals. They are so simple yet truly life changing! I am constantly adding to and taking away from the rituals I keep- I think it is important to flex with the seasons- but these are the core ones I use to cultivate calm and joy.”

  • Morning Rituals: 
  • “Splash face with cold water upon waking. Drink a liter of warm water. Stretch. Put the kettle on. Sit silently for tea meditation.”

  • Evening Rituals: 
  • “Eat dinner early. Hot bath with essential oils, salts, oats, etc depending on the season and my mood. Oil body top to bottom (sesame, coconut or olive depending on the season)! Lastly, enjoy a pot of herbal tea like chamomile, hibiscus, turmeric, ginger, women’s blend, etc... while reading something illuminating or inspiring (Chopra, Singer and Tolle are some favorites). Seated meditation. Sleep.”

  • Seasonal Rituals:
  • “Moon bathing! I sleep or meditate under each full moon, depending on where I am! Summer Night dancing! I love to dance with my bare feet on the grass and my favorite music in my headphones when the weather is warm. New Moon Tea Ceremony. The New Moon is a time to seek clarity and Tea Ceremony makes space for that to happen.” 

    For more information about Sarah and Firepot Nomadic Teas, you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram. You can also find more information and tips about wellness through Sarah’s other business, Tea Huntress.


    Article written by Rileigh Skelton.


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