Giving Back to Your Community

By PressReady Team

Giving Back to Your Community

Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, was created to raise funds particularly in the nonprofit sector, but there are many ways you can get involved across an array of industries. This year has been far from ordinary, so taking the time to help other organizations and support those in need is particularly important. Get inspired and find out more on how you can participate in changing your community! 

Local Charitable Organizations 

Find organizations in your area to support. Feel free to make donations to their campaign running online and also help to amplify their voice by reposting their content across your social media platforms. You can also reach out and volunteer your time helping distribute donations, as well as donating any items  if you’re able to. Try to find an organization that fits your values, or even one that simply speaks to you. Some types of organizations to consider are: 

  • Local Food Pantry
  • Local Boys and Girls Club 
  • Local ASPCA / Animal Shelter 
  • Local Hospital or Long Term Care Facility 

You can also consider giving a portion of your sales to the organization of your choice, either for specific timeframes or all year round. This helps to show your customers that you’re committed to giving back and allows them to help make a contribution - everyone wins! 

 Small Business Support

As a small business, this year may have given you more obstacles than normal. The Giving Tuesday organization also has a guide for how to utilize the day as a small business. This tool kit can be really helpful in giving you ideas on how you can utilize the campaign day for your own benefit, whether it be to give funds to an organization or raise them for your company! 

The best way to do this this Giving Tuesday is by creating a fund that can be donated to for your employees and their families. Employees are the backbone of our companies and the reason why we succeed; if our employees are struggling, we struggle. Listed below are some ideas for types of funds to create for the people who keep us going:

  • College Fund 
  • Employee Emergency Fund
  • Emergency Child Care
  • Mental Telehealth Support

No matter how you plan to spend this Giving Tuesday, don’t let the generosity stop there! This year has been the perfect reminder for why it’s important to always lend a helping hand. Giving Tuesday is on December 1st, 2020. Be a part of the positive change you wish to see - if you dream it, you can do it. 


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