Free or Low Cost Ways to Expand Your Network?

By PressReady Team

Free or Low Cost Ways to Expand Your Network?

Whether you took up baking, an intensive skincare routine, became a certified yoga instructor, author or podcaster as a positive new pastime in 2020, the potential for personal growth has been unmatched. To keep this momentum going into 2021, consider expanding your personal growth and network without breaking your budget. Here are some ways you can find new passions, meet new people and land new opportunities. 


Looking to learn but afraid of the time commitment? Check this out. Coursera is a site with free online courses you can finish in just one day! With topics ranging from psychology, technology, food & health and marketing, there are courses covering any topic with interesting perspectives. Learn from professors at world-renowned universities completely on your own time. 


Founded by MIT and Harvard, edX is a non-profit platform aiming to provide top-notch education to anyone seeking it without the typical price tags. Whether you want to just study to keep your mind sharp or are looking to engage in a full class, edX has a number of options to help expand your knowledge. 

General Assembly 

Want to become a more well-rounded business owner or enhance your resume? Try advancing your skill set with General Assembly. This online platform teaches global skills like design, coding, marketing, business, data and more that will make you stand out in any profession. 


Although most people are familiar with LinkedIn, many don’t realize the extensive networking opportunities the platform allows. By getting more involved on this social site, you can connect with people of your past, present and even future to create and nurture relationships that will be helpful in the long-run. Share some exciting updates, engage with friends’ posts, and share content that speaks to you to broaden your horizons and stand out to others. Also is BumbleBiz a thing?

Bumble Bizz

While Bumble is mostly known for its popular dating app, the connection specialist platform also created a place just for business. On Bumble Bizz, professionals can connect with each other, share and learn on their own terms and at their own place. Just swipe through a few profiles to see who you may want to add to your growing network!

Get involved with Non-Profit Organizations

While extravagant fundraising events have had to come to a halt this year, the non-profits that we love still need support. By spending some time volunteering for different organizations, we not only get to put our free time to good use, but also get to work with new people — even if it’s through a screen for now. Aligning yourself with a number of organizations is a great way to connect with like-minded people and foster favorable relationships all while giving back. 


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