Eco Friendly Products From Small Businesses

By PressReady Team

Eco Friendly Products From Small Businesses

Happy Earth Week! As we take a break from our busy work schedules and take some time to appreciate all of the beauty and calmness that lies within nature, we not only encourage you to get outside but we also encourage you to take some time to reflect on how you can live a happy, healthy eco-friendly lifestyle all year round. 

This Earth Week, and every week, we invite you to show your support for small businesses and purchase from sustainable brands all at the same time!

Here is a List of Our Top Four Favorite Eco-Friendly Small Businesses 


Glenn Avenue Soap Company 

Glenn Avenue Soap Company is passionate about providing natural soaps and skincare products that are effective and safe for everyone! From babies to the environment Glenn Avenue Soap Company ensures that their products are clean and safe!


ChicoBag strives to produce zero waste products in order to help eliminate the amount of garbage piled up in landfills across the country. ChicoBag is committed to making their business cleaner and our planet healthier with their bamboo utensil packs, eco-friendly tote bags and reusable produce and vegetable bag sets. 

PUR Home

PUR Home is dedicated to creating non-toxic, simple household cleaning products that do not cause harm to our planet. All of their product packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable and PUR Home is committed to educating their consumers on how to properly recycle as well as teaching their consumers other uses for product packaging containers.  

Flowers & Moondust 

Flowers & Moondust is an African holistic wellness company that offers high quality African superfoods and beauty products such as body butters and body soaps. All of the products sold at Flowers & Moondust are thoughtfully made and ethically sourced from local Ghanaian farmers and artisans.


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