Back to the Basics

By Madeline Leesman

Back to the Basics

Welcome back, entrepreneurs! Hopefully, last week’s post inspired you to take the leap with Pitch Premium to take your business from zero to hero in public relations.

But we also know that many of you might just be getting started with your business. Maybe you came up with an idea, but haven’t had the motivation or the inspiration to manifest it in any way. In that case, it’s time for you to take the first steps.

While a full-blown kickoff PR campaign may not be on your radar just yet, the first steps you take to create your business will set the foundation for the PR for your brand. From the ground up, you should build your business with your publics in mind. After all, public Relations is all about establishing mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and their public’s.

There are pointers across all kinds of media outlets on the do’s and don’ts when launching your business. But here, we have some thoughts for you to keep in mind so that your business is already public Relations-prepped before you’ve started thinking about PR. 

1. Keep the customer in mind. 

Right now, you might be thinking about the monetary gain you will see when your business takes off. We get it, but be sure to keep your future customers in mind when building your business before anything else. Without them, you're business is nothing and any image you project to your publics is meaningless.

2. Don't rush it.

Don't get yourself into a rut of never working on your business, or simply waiting for something to happen. Rather, work at a steady pace. Rushing the buildup of your brand could lead to complications and hiccups in the future.

3. Make valuable connections.

Ah, networking. Being an entrepreneur is all about being self-made, right? Well, sort of. While it's important to take the lead when it comes to starting your own business, you should also be making valuable connections with other professionals and people who could help with your business's PR in the future.

With these tips in mind, stay focused and best of luck with your small business! For more PR tips and advice, check out the rest of our blogs here!


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