Go Premium!

By Madeline Leesman

Go Premium!

Over the past few months, we've covered several topics here on the PressReady blog that pertain to #PRAdvice. Each installment of the #PRAdvice summer series was centered around a specific kit we sell here on our products page!

Now that summer is wrapping up, it's time shift our focus from all the tiny nuts and bolts of the business to talking about the big picture. That's why we have another amazing kit to present to you -- Pitch Premium!

Pitch Premium contains all the PressReady materials -- Get Noticed!, Brand Identity and Storytelling, Style Guide, Create Your Media Kit, Brand Calendar Workbook, Influencer Onboarding, and Operation Exposure, as well as multiple one-on-one sessions with Suki Mulberg Altamirano and Liz Anthony.

The three sessions go as follows; a kick off session to discuss and provide expert guidance on your campaign, a session to review your company's pitches and provide concrete feedback, and a session to provide expert insight on a successful influencer campaign. Each session spans 1 hour. 

For small business owners who do not have the means to work with a public relations agency for their business, the Pitch Premium is the ideal package to help you dive in headfirst and achieve visibility for your small business. One-on-one sessions along with kits curated to fit the needs of an up-and-coming business are just what your brand needs to get started.

For more information about Pitch Premium and to purchase the package, check out the link here!


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