Which Social Media Outlet is Best for Your Business

By PressReady Team

Which Social Media Outlet is Best for Your Business

There are so many different forms of social media that it can be challenging to determine which is the ideal channel for your company. While various social networks may be a good fit for your business, balancing your time investment is also important. For this reason it can be a good idea to begin by focusing on only a few, which are the best fit in order to speak to your consumer and reach your customers. In this article, we're highlighting key points and strengths for the most popular social media outlets and taking a look at which business types can work well with what social media channel.



  • Popular amongst teens and young adults
  • Provides free insights and analytics
  • Enables direct contact with followers
  • In-app shopping capabilities
  • Less visibility on discover page when marked as a business profile
  • Highly focused on visual with an image incorporated in each post

Suggested for: influencer brands, entrepreneurs, small business designers and other businesses featuring products or services that can be brought to life visually can benefit from Instagram.


  • Popular amongst young adults and adults
  • A strong platform for videos, photos and text alike
  • Popular for educational purposes
  • App provides easy access to advertisements
  • Event feature in app and online
  • Less popular amongst younger audiences

Suggested for: nonprofits, educational organizations and local businesses are a few types of organizations that can be a strong fit for Facebook.


  • Popular amongst young adults
  • Quick and easy to put out information
  • Great for headlines and linking articles
  • Humorous
  • Limit of characters per post
  • Less aesthetic appeal of account

Suggested for: influencers, bloggers, business consultants and others seeking to promote personal thought leadership can benefit from Twitter.


Additional Suggestions

LinkedIn: All businesses should have a LinkedIn page with a clear snapshot of what the company does and why it's unique. LinkedIn is a great business platform that allows you to post jobs, share newsletters and even message potential new partners. It's important to have a presence on LinkedIn for potential employees and business opportunities. 

Pinterest: Pinterest is a great platform for brand image. You can easily incorporate Pinterest into your company's website with the "Pin It" option. Pinterest is an easy way to create some website traffic. This outlet is best for more tangible products and is particularly strong for brands in fashion, food, travel and other lifestyle categories with a strong visual nature.

TikTok: TikTok is a newer social media that you should be aware of. It's often used for humor and can really add some character to your brand image. Not all businesses can use this platform well, but you should keep an eye on it and maybe give it a try!


Tackling your business brand image is no easy task and you might need to give a few social media outlets a try before you decide which is best for you.

In the meantime, PressReady is here to help you further your company's brand image. Our Workbook and Brand Calendar tools are designed to help you strength your company storytelling, plan and schedule social media and blog content. Need an extra hand kicking off your social strategy? We're working with select business right now through our Pitch Pro package to map out a 6-month social media strategy, including profile creation, messaging creation, content planning, how to work with influencers, best practices and everything you need to know to leverage social as a tool to drive new eyeballs and conversions for your business. 


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