Client Love: Katherine Parr Jewelry

By PressReady Team

Client Love: Katherine Parr Jewelry

At PressReady, we're committed to helping all small businesses, especially those with which we share similar values. Today, we'd love to introduce you to Katherine Parr Jewelry — a small business we had the pleasure to work with and one we think you should know about. Shop the Katherine Parr Jewelry website and read up below to learn more about this luxury jewelry brand, which prides itself on ethical production and a global aesthetic.  

Founder, Katherine Parr, has been an artist since childhood. After university, Parr began a fashion modeling career that allowed her to work closely with many designers and artists. It was there that her love of jewelry design evolved. While her jewelry collection is designed in New York City, the inspiration for her pieces are drawn from different ancient empires. Some of her current collections are inspired by the cultures of Cambodia, Egypt and, even specifically, the Persian Empire. The collections feature motifs from these historic civilizations — for example, wheat, the evil eye, feathers and more. The stones used also have culturally significant value and she includes the meanings of these stones on her website.  

Cultural significance is just a part of the KP Jewelry philosophy. Equally important to Parr and her team is their dedication to sustainability and ethics. All of the brand's jewelry is handmade by artisans at different facilities around the world (India, Afghanistan and South Africa are a few.) An emphasis is placed on ethical, transparent and safe working conditions and fair pay. Additionally, Katherine Parr Jewelry supports artisan and primary school education in the communities where these artisans live and work. All products are packaged in repurposed fabrics and the company chooses vetted facilities in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Parr talks about the importance of sustainability in her own TEDx Talk on Conscious Consumerism

Check out the brand's latest Summer Edit here.



Images from Turquoise Mountain and Katherine Parr Jewelry.


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