Supporting Female-Owned Small Businesses

By PressReady Team

Supporting Female-Owned Small Businesses

March is Women’s History Month and a timely reminder to consider ways we can all support our favorite small female-owned businesses. Throughout the month of March, we’re sharing some of our favorite women-run and owned businesses on Instagram and we’re also highlighting a few here. Join us in supporting them this month and beyond!


Bash + Sass 

Bash + Sass is gender-neutral modern apparel “made for play” for the little minimalist ages six months to 12 years old. It was created by Irene Lee who was inspired by her own two kids, street style and culture. 

Each collection introduces a monster that embodies a specific social value or characteristic that the brand believes is important for big and little kids to acknowledge. Some of the values and characteristics being self-confidence, inclusion, helping others and being proud of who they are regardless of skin color, gender or family makeup.


Boho Beads 

Boho Beads creates handmade bohemian jewelry. Founded and designed by two best friends, Whitley Henderson and Harris Parker from Raleigh, NC. The two began making fashionable and affordable jewelry after being continuously asked where their jewelry could be bought. The jewelry’s aesthetic pays homage to the designers’ southern roots. 

In 2020, Boho Beads teamed up with another small female-owned business, Masks by Branch to create their own collection of masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Harlow & Grey

Harlow & Grey is a line of thoughtfully designed partyware with a mission to help everyday hosts "turn events into occasions and moments into memories." Founded by cousins, Jeanne and Gloria, the former lifestyle blogger and event designer wanted to make it easy for anyone to throw a chic party. 

The two aim to offer simple yet stunning party solutions so hosts can focus on what matters most - connecting with people and celebrating relationships.


Small Packages 

Small Packages help women stay connected to the people they care about through their creation of chic, pre-curated care packages for any occasion in five minutes or less. Founded by Monika Shah and Julie Schechter, a former consultant and lawyer. The two both know what it’s like to be busy or far away from the ones they love, so they created an easy way to send love. 

The packages are developed by gift designers, who leverage data and customer insights to carefully select each item and create a beautiful, relevant curation.


The Cass Clutch 

Cass is a line of luxury unisex accessories that’s 100% Californian in design, artisanship and attitude. The brand was created by designer and mom of three, Debra Szidon. However, the heart of the brand is the Cass Clutch. The Cass Clutch was inspired by a former bag Debra purchased at a vintage store many years ago. Once it fell apart, she decided to create her own version!

The Cass Clutch is simple and flexible which allows it to transform smoothly from a stylish clutch to a useful tote or briefcase. It is designed to last and be passed on, it’s a bag that wants to be used and will change over time!


Show your love by following female-founded businesses, writing a positive review and telling your friends about your small business finds.


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