Staying Personal in a Digital Age

By PressReady Team

Staying Personal in a Digital Age

 The Pandemic Digital Age can make it hard to add personal touches to communication with clients and valued customers. Writing a letter used to go a long way, but something that simple seems to mean a lot more now given that most interaction is done through a screen. To ensure that you and your company are effectively staying in touch with those who matter, read our checklist below: 

✅ Write Letters and Thank You Cards via Mail (and a great way to help save USPS) 

Getting a letter in the mail has always been exciting, but it’s even more special today! Sending a letter to new and returning clients & customers shows that you value their support and take the extra time to prove it. If you’re unable to send a letter via snail mail,  PaperlessPost is always a great idea and allows you to easily add your logo! 

✅ Be Video Chat Accessible 

Being easy to reach shows you care just as much as sending a letter. Having different ways to communicate with clients and customers gives the idea that you’re easily accessible and flexible. But, this tip doesn’t have to stop there.  Setting up regular Zoom chats or making yourself available as needed to regroup within your company shows that you’re available to team members as well, which can be especially helpful in a remote world. 

✅ Take the Time to Personalize Emails 

Personalizing an email goes further than sending an automated message with the name of the person it’s addressed to. Go above and beyond by thinking of things that are timely. This can include remembering special days like holidays, birthdays, and milestones. This is guaranteed to put a smile on their face! 

Stay Focused on Providing Value 

When it comes to your clients, always ask yourself how can I help solve their pain points right now”? The clients that keep coming back are the ones you’re providing constant value to. Keeping in the mindset of “how does this benefit my client” will help you focus your work on the activities that matter most and produce the greatest benefits - both for your client and in the end for you, as well. 

No matter what route you decide to take, prioritizing your relationship with your clients, customers, and even employees will help you to run the best business you can. 


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