Single on Valentine’s Day - Celebrate Yourself!

By PressReady Team

Single on Valentine’s Day - Celebrate Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is creeping up and for some people that may be a good thing, but for the ones who may lack a valentine this year, it can be triggering. This year let’s not make being alone on Valentine’s Day a negative, let’s celebrate being single and focusing on yourself! Whether it was an accomplishment for getting out of that toxic relationship, learning to love yourself first, trying to be comfortable with being alone, whatever position you may be in, choose to celebrate it. Here are some things you can do to celebrate:

  1. “Treat” yourself

With our busy schedules, it is hard to find time to stop and relax or do things for yourself. Today, make the time to do something for YOU, whether that be getting your nails done, a massage, facial, or even just sitting down with a cup of coffee. Do what makes you happy and do it today! Find some time to reflect in a gratitude journal and set some goals!

  1. Get out of town

Sometimes doing the same routine everyday can be exhausting mentally and physically. When you are able to get a “taste” of new scenery, you can feel re-energized. Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, and most of us are still in winter so try and take the prior weekend to get out of town. Whether it's a luxury vacation, a quick road trip, or a trip to visit friends and family. Choose the destination and the guest list that your heart most desires! It’s important to get a reset in order to come back feeling fresh and ready to tackle the world.

  1. Plan a “date” with your Best Friend 

When people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of romance, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, life partners. Why not your best friend? This year stop romanticizing Valentine’s Day and make it an appreciation day for the ones you love. Get in the spirit with your best friend or whoever has been a great support to you over this past year; watch your favorite movies together in your PJs, or get dressed up and grab something to eat! Exchanging small tokens like your favorite book, an at home spa kit are great but even a card telling them just why they’re so great goes a long way. Show love for someone in your life this year!

  1. Get Busy

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be very lonely - especially after a particularly long couple of years. This Valentine's Day, get busy with work and pick up a couple extra hours volunteering at a food drive or local shelter Keeping your mind off things can sometimes be the preferred way of coping with being alone. Getting some extra work done helping others is a positive way to keep your mind on the right track and appreciate what you have.


Most importantly on this Valentine’s Day, make sure to love yourself.


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