Close out Love Month by Loving Yourself

By PressReady Team

Close out Love Month by Loving Yourself

February is the month of love - continuing on our guide to self love we have more ideas on how to make it through this particularly long winter.  Continue to work on love and appreciate your own company and be your own partner in life and in building your small business.  Treat yourself like your top client and support and motivate yourself along the way! 

Take a workout class/go for a walk

My personal favorite way to spend time alone is taking myself to a workout class or going for a long walk.  My favorite workout class is SoulCycle so I drive myself into Washington, DC, which also happens to be my favorite place to spend a day close to home.  I make sure to park far enough away that I can get a good walk in as well.  I put in some headphones and listen to my favorite music or a podcast and enjoy a nice walk alone with my thoughts.  I also love taking the workout class whether it's SoulCycle or I am trying something new.  It gets my endorphins flowing, blocks out anything I may be worried about for an hour, and makes me feel accomplished and so good afterwards. It’s a welcome reset as part of your routine. You can also do this at home with your favorite Youtube fitness guru, for example, Alexis Ren, or a fitness app like Peloton that takes you through a guided workout. Here is a link to Alexis Ren and the Peloton app

Get something to eat/grab a coffee

After I take a class or am looking for something to do on my own I often walk to a nearby cafe.  I order a snack or coffee and will either sit and people watch, read a book, or get some work done.  You can get a lot done and there’s no distractions!  You also never know where you can meet the next potential client or make a connection along the way.  It is also a great way to support and try out different small businesses in your city!

Have a self care night

One of my favorite new activities to do away at school is to have a self care night.  When my roommates are out and I know I will have the house to myself I’ll go to the store and grab my favorite skin care mask, eye patches, snacks, and drinks.  Then I’ll pick myself up some dinner on the way home, clean my whole house, take a hot shower, and use all of my products.  After that I’ll put on a movie, usually one from our “Movie to Watch” (see PressReady Instagram) lists and just enjoy a night alone with my eye patches on.  I used to have such an extreme fear of missing out, but once I learned that I come first and there will always be another weekend I have learned to cherish my nights alone.

Keep up the momentum with your self care routine no matter what your relationship status is.  Learning to love yourself and put yourself first is incredibly important and you can learn so much in the process.  Cherishing your alone time and yourself can be a wonderful thing.  Download a new workout app, experiment with different Youtubers, try a new small business, and motivate yourself!


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