Safely Spreading Holiday Cheer

By PressReady Team

Safely Spreading Holiday Cheer

We’re all trying to end 2020 on the best note possible, and with the holiday season amongst us, it’s the perfect time to  spread some cheer. While we might not have the typical door-to-door Christmas carolers, large family get-togethers or white elephant gift exchange parties, we can still enjoy the holiday season as we’ve always known it.  Here are some ways that you can safely spread holiday cheer this year.

Get in Full Holiday Mode

Grab those twinkle lights, a few ornaments and a wreath and you’ve got a festive home! Whether you just want to get yourself in the holiday spirit or all of those passing by, decorations are going to be a huge source of cheer this year. Whether it’s your new Zoom background or a scene of wonder for the neighbor walkers, some simple decorations are going to be a socially distant win. 

Virtual Holiday Parties

Zoom calls aren’t exactly how we wanted to celebrate with loved ones this year, but in order to keep the traditions while staying safe, we will definitely be seeing a lot of screen time. Make it fun by doing virtual gift exchanges, on-screen unwrappings, watch a movie together, wear matching pjs or participate in some fun games! Luckily we have the technology to do it all at a distance this year, so let’s use it to our advantage!

Give, Give, Give!

Nothing is more contagious than kindness. A great way to spread holiday cheer, especially this year, is by giving to others. Bake some cookies and drop them off on a friend’s doorstep, order food for those working in the hospitals or nursing homes, or be a Secret Santa to someone in your community in need. Offer refreshments to your delivery workers and give a gift card to the key people that help you every day. There are so many ways to give back and pass it forward this holiday season, and they’re sure to make you and everyone involved feel a little extra special. 

Continuing normal traditions is so important in this untraditional and unprecedented year. Doing your part to spread holiday cheer can help to make this season feel just as festive!



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