How We’re Making 2021 Our Year

By PressReady Team

How We’re Making 2021 Our Year

This year has been unconventional; no one could have prepared us for what 2020 had in store. It has taught us a range of lessons that we didn’t know we needed which has been both stressful and humbling. We can now have a greater appreciation for what we do have and prioritize the important things we may be missing. 

After reflecting on this past year, here are our New Year's Resolutions. We all have different goals, but 2020 has taught us to look for inspiration within each other. Thank you for being a part of our community - what are your resolutions for 2021?

  Liz Anthony, Co-Founder 

2020 has been quite a year so I hope to be even better at rolling with it and adapting to unknown situations. As an entrepreneur and a mother this above all is something you have to learn to accept as opposed to holding yourself to unrealistic goals. Being more present in the situation and finding a solution to the problem in the moment as opposed to dwelling on the past. Taking a walk and reading something distracting daily. Hopefully more hugs are in our future! I want to continue to find ways to give back by trying to make this crazy world a better place in any way that I can. Here's to a better year ahead for all - may peace & love prevail!

 Suki Mulberg Altamirano, Co-Founder 

2020 was a big year for my family - we welcomed our second child, moved across the country, started new jobs and of course did as best we could to adapt to living (and of course quarantining) in pandemic life. We learned new ways to support each other and that we were able to adapt to life with a lot of unknowns, better than we may have thought. It also really brought priorities into focus while professionally highlighting the importance of not just embracing change but being able to quickly adapt. As we enter the New Year, my resolution is to embrace growth and dream bigger - both personally and professionally. This means setting bigger, clearer goals for myself and staying committed to achieving them.

Cameron Kennedy, Intern 

2020 was not the year for organized planners like myself, but it definitely made me take a step back and take a look at my goals and aspirations. I think that this year I've learned how to prioritize the things in my life that truly matter, and the unpredictability of everything has taught me to be independent and extremely flexible. Going into 2021, I want to be someone who can pivot at any challenge and come out successful. I want to chase the things that matter to me most, and only pursue passions that will further myself as an individual. That being said, I think that 2020 has taught all of us the power of community and shown us that hardships can unexpectedly hit any of us at any moment. In the coming year, I hope to dedicate more of my time and resources to giving back to my community and helping others do the same. Here's to a great year full of new challenges, revived perseverance and overall happiness! 

 Kim Testoni, Intern 

2020 has given me so much and I’m lucky that the losses I have experienced are purely cosmetic. I started off 2020 in Jaipur, India, a place I’ve wanted to travel to my whole life. I lost an events internship, but gained two that taught me so much about public relations and branding. I lost a graduation, but it allowed me to reevaluate what I truly wanted to do. Though all the odds were stacked against me- like so many other 2020 grads- I moved to NYC in August without a job to prove to myself that I could prevail despite the circumstances. 2020 has taught me that I can genuinely trust myself, and in doing that, anything is possible. As I look forward to 2021, my resolution is to let life happen. As many of us have realized, it’s extremely hard to live in the present and appreciate what we have; it’s hard not turning to the future for hope. But, as the hardships continue, I hope to always be able to find the silver lining in a situation and trust my ambition. If we’re able to live in the present and look at the positives, the path our lives can take is endless. Here’s to a new year full of new adventures (even if they’re in your tiny apartment)!

Wishing you love, strength, and happiness as we enter the next chapter of this exhilarating decade.


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