Reducing Stress Levels While Working From Home

By PressReady Team

Reducing Stress Levels While Working From Home

With a lack of changing environments and for many of us, the recurring feeling of cabin fever, working from home is probably bringing on stress that you’ve never felt before. As entrepreneurs, we thrive on human interaction and the shift to becoming virtually-dominant can be hard. But, don’t let the fear of the unknown get your stress levels high! We are committed to helping fellow entrepreneurs feel positive  and stay  productive. Here are four rule of thumbs that we have found helpful, also including some small businesses to check out.  

Taking Screen Breaks

Digital eye strain is a real thing! Spending too much time looking at your computer can result in headaches, dry eyes, and tension at the back of your neck. You can help combat this is by:

  • Avoiding working in dark rooms
  • Keeping your computer at 25 inches away from your eyes
  • Taking 20 minute breaks every two hours
  • Wearing blue screen glasses

Our favorite glasses are the Pollux Mocha frames from Covry. Made from plant-based acetate, they’re 100% UVA/UVB protected and in everyone’s favorite style, brown tortoise! 

Pullex Mocha Glasses By Covry


Meditation is a great way to recharge. Incorporating it into your daily life can not only ease your mind, but help you to focus on the present. Meditation can:

  • Increase creativity 
  • Help you gain patiences
  • Allow you to gain new perspectives

This kind of relaxation has the ability to not only reduce stress, but also help get your mind in a better space. To meditate, look into different avenues you can use to accomplish this. If you’re visual, check out accounts like @rebel_buddha and @saraauster on Instagram. If you feel more comfortable closing your eyes and unplugging, try the app Stop, Breathe & Think to pick meditation practices based on your mood. 

App 'Stop, Breathe & Think'

Keep Your Space Clean

Keeping your space clean is crucial; with less clutter, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. Helping to keep your thought process cleared and steady is the first step to an open mind, but having a clean environment you can:

  • Stay more focused and organized 
  • Stay motivated 
  • Have less distractions 

To read more about the importance of keeping your office space clean and how to successfully do so, check out our recent blog post How to Create a Healthy & Happy Workspace at Home


Making Time For Yourself 

Taking time for yourself can be difficult when you’re trying to balance everything at once. Don’t forget to listen to yourself and make accommodations. Incorporate activities you love to do, even if it requires you to block off short time slots throughout the day to do so. You could:

  • Read a book at the start or end of your day
  • Take on a passion project like embroidery, painting, or knitting 
  • Take classes online to enhance your skills 

No matter what you decide to do, making time for yourself will allow you to take time away from work and do something that makes you unwind. 


At the end of the day, don't let your environment bring you down. Remind yourself that these situations are only temporary, and make the most of what you've got going on. When in doubt, always remember... 



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