How To Create A Healthy & Happy Workspace at Home

By PressReady Team

How To Create A Healthy & Happy Workspace at Home

As 2020 continues, many of us have had to adjust to a more "regular" work from home schedule. It can be difficult to form healthy habits and stay productive when adjusting to working in an all too familiar home environment. We’ve pulled together a list of some helpful tips and tricks to create a productive and even enjoyable work environment at home.

Choosing Your Space

The space you choose to work in is extremely important to your productivity and output. You may not have many workspace options at home, but these are some helpful recommendations to consider when deciding where to settle.

  • Natural lighting is highly recommended. Compared to unnatural light, natural light prevents tiredness and improves your overall well-being. It’s healthy to be exposed to the outside world even a little and avoid the “desk cave.”
  • Your space shouldn’t be too confined. We recommend that you have enough at home office space to incorporate some different scenery. For example, your desk setup is one and then maybe a comfy chair by the window with a small side table. These additional spaces will allow you to feel less isolated and provide good places for brainstorming and snack breaks.
  • Furniture should be both functional and pleasant. Feel free to match your own personal aesthetic, whether it’s cottage core or sleek modern, you should feel comfortable in your office space. Your desk should at least have enough room for your computer, keyboard and files (maybe even more for a notepad, water and coffee.) Spread out and make yourself comfortable!

Organizing Your Desk

Your desk space is representative of both your best mood and productivity. These are some tips to improve your well-being and keep you on track. 

  • Bright colors are a good way to stay positive and happy while working at home. Your desk will most likely be a natural shade so add pops of color where you can! A touch of color in your pens or paper clips can change your mood. Additionally, bright colors are shown to increase productivity and spark creativity. Shades of blue, green or yellow are recommended for calm.
  • Natural materials help workers stay relaxed and reduce stress during the day. Choose wooden or bamboo desk organizers and maybe even incorporate a fabric lining. Plants also do an excellent job of brightening up any atmosphere. 
  • Everything should have its place. It’s encouraged to have different file folders for each form of document or contract that may come across your desk. While this may seem obvious, it’s one of the easiest ways to save time and reduce stress. Clean desk, clean mind!

Planning Your Day

Working from home is a new experience for many and it’s often difficult to begin and stay on track during the day. However, there are some easy ways to help you get in the right working mindset.

  • Listen to music that matches the tone of your work. It’s important that your music is lyric free to reduce distractions. Movie soundtracks are great for fast paced work and even writing. Slower music with a strong beat, like LoFi, is great for research and work that requires concentration.
  • Pick a starting and ending time each day. If you make your “hours” similar to work, you’ll start to get back into your regular routine. It’s even helpful to give yourself designated break times for lunch and coffee. Just try your best to keep the day structured.
  • It’s best to plan your day as if you’re really going into the office. Plan your meals beforehand and write your to-do list before you begin work. Bring things that you would bring to the office, like water bottles and chargers, to your desk at the beginning of the day. Always be prepared from the waist up for a video conference but wear comfortable clothes and consider blue light glasses!


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