Press, Press & More Press! Leveraging Your Press Exposure to Catch More Attention for your Brand

By PressReady Team

Press, Press & More Press! Leveraging Your Press Exposure to Catch More Attention for your Brand

As your business is gaining popularity and press accolades, it is still the time to keep pushing for more, using your positive momentum to continue gaining visibility for your brand. And as more and more media outlets shine a light on your work, you have the opportunity to leverage your recent media publicity to gain even more followers for your business. 

One of the best ways to utilize your brand’s media attention to reach an even larger audience is to share posts, articles and other publications yourself. Business owners can do so in a plethora of ways, including the following: 

  • Create a blog: Creating and populating a blog for your business not only allows you to put out your personal thoughts regarding your brand to customers by giving individual insight and information, but it allows business owners to announce to others that their brand is being discussed in the media. By acknowledging your excitement towards your business’s attention, customers feel a sense of comfort in hearing that a third party source is vouching for your business.
  • Post on Social Media: Posting on social media is a simple, yet incredibly effective, means of gathering even more recognition for your business. With over 3.81 billion individuals across the globe using social media outlets in 2020, sharing a brand feature can reach a large number of potential customers. Post a screenshot of the article on Instagram, tweet a meaningful quote from the piece, and/or include the link of the digital piece in your bio description. Regardless of which media app you choose, notifying your followers of your brand’s rising popularity is convenient and a great option for contributing to your brand’s further success. Don’t forget to include hashtags and to tag the publication to say thanks!! 
  • Include Digital Screenshots of Your Brand’s Media Attention in Emails and Other Forms of Messaging: Reaching out to other businesses for partnerships, entrepreneurial advice and other inquiries can be difficult at times, as a response is not always guaranteed. By attaching images of your business’s features in the media, others will recognize your brand’s achievements and legitimacy, and want to work with you. Additionally, just as including printed copies of your press exposure in your stores is a technique that provides humility, including digital images and screenshots of your brand in the media in email threads and other forms of digital communication will also allow you to subtly grab the attention of others. If you are feeling even more inspired and driven to gain further publicity from your brand’s recent press attention, you can also provide copies of your brand features in media kits, email signatures and signage at trade shows! 
  • Create an As Seen In Page: Providing a page on your business’s website that includes all of your brand’s recent features allows customers to understand your business’s legitimacy, as you already have an established influence and prominence in the media. Additionally, not only are you displaying your brand’s media reputation, you are also insinuating to viewers that you are aware of your brand’s successes by constructing a list of your brand’s features.

Securing well deserved press exposure can be a thrilling experience for any business, no matter big or small. After putting in so much passion and drive to create your business, it is a wonderful feeling when others finally recognize your effort and hard work. But why stop there? Leveraging your brand’s media attention to reach an even larger audience is an opportunity you can’t pass up. With so much noise it’s crucial for business owners to understand how they can set themselves apart with help from the media. With our four simple tips, we hope that business owners take the opportunity to improve their audience size even further, and get even more attention than ever!


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