#PRAdvice: Planning Makes Perfect

By Madeline Leesman

#PRAdvice: Planning Makes Perfect

Planning is, and should, be an integral part of life. Whether it be for work, school, or our personal lives, our lives would be in complete disarray without a plan to abide by throughout all the facets of our lives. 

We live in an era of lots of different types of planning -- meal planning, travel planning, workout planning, so, why not plan your brand content? This would take an immense weight off your shoulders from trying to navigate all the deadlines and other obligations associated with your business on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, there are online services you can pay for that can help with scheduling social media content, email blasts, and content strategy. But, these services usually come with a hefty price tag and don't encompass all the planning your business needs. It's better, on your part, to seek out a service that will consolidate all your necessary planning in one place at an affordable price.

The PressReady Brand Calendar workbook is what your business needs to help you build your monthly content publishing schedule across blog and social media platforms. Complete with blog strategy tips, content ideas, and tips for producing memorable branded content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, everything you need to put out into the world with your company's byline can be carefully planned and executed using the workbook.

From overarching content strategy brainstorming to the nitty-gritty logistics of planning, such as the appropriate platform to host your content (WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.), this workbook comes with a holistic approach to helping your business succeed. 

Check out the PressReady Brand Calendar workbook here to get started!



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