4 PR Tips to Celebrate Fourth of July

By Madeline Leesman

4 PR Tips to Celebrate Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Today marks one of the most momentous days in our nation's history. To commemorate this day, today on the PressReady blog we will cover four valuable PR tips to help you kickstart your small business.

1. Know your audience.

We can never stress this enough. One of the most imperative parts of owning a small business is knowing who your products and services are catered to. Is millennials your key demographic? Then pinpoint what kind of millennials -- women? men? students? young professionals? The creative type? Having a demographic too narrow can do you a major disservice in marketing your business, as can a demographic that is too broad.

2. Create a strong brand identity

Not only is creating a strong brand identity important to consumers, it's important to the press as well. Journalists sifting through pitches will opt to collaborate with a brand with a cohesive, strong brand identity any day over a brand without a clear specification of their brand identity. 

3. Research, research, and more research

Research doesn't stop once you've launched your business. Researching your demographic, new marketing techniques, and new ways to expand your business should be a continuous process for your company. Research could lead to the decisions to abandon old marketing strategies and the introduce new, more effective ones. But you'll never know unless you're staying on top of it and doing your research.

4. Never lose sight of your company's vision

As your business begins to gain momentum, don't lose sight of your vision and why you started in the first place. This falls into part of your brand identity as well -- you want to be known as a brand your consumers can trust. Anything misleading or unauthentic about your brand should be scrapped from your business completely and stay true to your vision.


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