How to Create a Successful Vision Board

By PressReady Team

How to Create a Successful Vision Board

2021 is the year of change and productivity for your small business! A great first step to put that plan in motion is to create a vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of your goals. It helps clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on what you want to accomplish. PressReady has created a list of tips and tricks to help you create a successful vision board for your small business. Read on to get inspired!

Define your Goals

The first step to creating a successful vision board is to define your goals. Be clear and well defined in what you want your small business to achieve throughout 2021. It is important to spend some time thinking about these goals and how you can turn them into a reality. The ideas you think up should encompass both short-term and long-term growth. 

Find your Inspiration

Next, begin to look for images, words, phrases that align with your goals. They should represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings and possessions you want to accomplish for your small business throughout the next year. Choose things that make you inspired and excited. You can find inspiration from magazines, social media, stickers, postcards, artwork, textures, etc. The list is truly endless! 


Now turn on some fun music and start putting together your vision board! You will need to gather a piece of cardboard or poster paper, scissors, tape and glue. But before completing your board, be sure to map out all of the inspiration you have collected. You don’t want to finalize it without properly arranging it first. Once happy with your final arrangement, grab your supplies and bring your 2021 vision to life! 

Final Product 

Lastly, find a prominent place to display your vision board. It is important for your vision board to be in your regular line of sight to ensure that you are working towards your defined goals. But don’t be afraid to add or remove content to your board throughout the year. Just like people, small businesses are ever-changing and so are their goals. 

Congratulations, your small business vision board is finally complete. We hope you enjoyed learning more about vision boards and had fun creating your own for you and your small business!


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