Five Tips for Creating Engaging Content

By PressReady Team

Thank you to Ellan Dineen, Marketing Associate at Design Wizard, for this guest post! If you haven't checked out Design Wizard already, we recommend you do so! It makes content building easy with an array of beautiful templates that are perfect for social media or print!

1. Keep your content timely: Create content that complements the current conversation. If there’s a big event happening or something that everyone’s talking about, take advantage of that energy, and use the buzz to inspire you. 

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2. Don’t use jargon: You want your content to be enjoyed by your audience, and over complicating it with unnecessary jargon is a quick way to lose appeal. Keep pieces clear and concise, so that they can be universally understood (and therefore, universally appreciated!).

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3. Use humour if/when appropriate: Know your audience, and if it’s suitable, add some light-hearted humour to keep readers engaged. Who doesn’t enjoy a good giggle? Obviously, stay away from anything that could be perceived as even remotely offensive. 

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4. Ask thought-provoking questions: Challenge your readers to think outside the box, and try to include at least one relevant question within your content. Your piece will be a major success if readers are still thinking about it days later.

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5. Always include graphics: Readers will be turned off by long blocks of texts. We may be well past primary school, but we’d still like some pictures with our stories! Ensure your graphics are always of high-quality, relevant to the content, and authentic whenever possible.

Source: Pikwizard

About the author:

Ellan Dineen is the Marketing Associate at Design Wizard. When she’s not hard at work in the Marketing Department, Ellan can be found en route to foreign lands with a book in her hand and a podcast in her ear. With a Master’s in English and Diploma in Social Media Marketing, she knows the importance of staying up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends and insights and is keen to pass these tips on to her readers.


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