By Madeline Leesman


Entrepreneurship manifests in many forms. But, a lot of times, people get the wrong idea about entrepreneurs. With entrepreneurs may come inexperience or an innate desire not to work for someone else. But, on the other hand, an entrepreneur could be someone with a skill set unique and valuable that wasn’t being utilized in their previous work environment to its fullest potential. In a culture littered with people advertising entrepreneurship in the form of pyramid schemes and other gimmicks using catchphrases like “be your own boss,” it becomes harder to differentiate who the actual entrepreneurs are from those who aren’t.

Whether you’re launching an online boutique, a nonprofit, or a profitable blog, you’re all taking that leap into the unknown of starting your own business. Hopefully, you only have to endure this uncertainty for once and remain working for yourself the rest of your career. But to keep your business moving up and up will only happen if you have successful public relations established for your business from the get-go.

Public relations consists of strategic planning, implementation, research, and communication. Many people see it as "damage control," but good public relations is nearly unseen. Good PR creates mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and their publics, and cultivates the relationships steadily over time.

Our small business, PressReady, is here to provide you with all your necessary DIY public relations needs for your small business. The likelihood of you having the ability to hire a PR firm this early in the game is unlikely, so we provide you with the tools for you to conduct public relations yourself.  From media kits and press releases to media lists and landing exposure, we've got an array of kits and tactics for you to use to get ahead on your business' PR as it continues to grow. Additionally, we regularly post supplemental public relations advice here on the PressReady blog and on our Twitter and Instagram, where we share short tidbits of inspiration to help you with your PR! 


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