#PRAdvice: Leaping into Leadership

By Madeline Leesman

#PRAdvice: Leaping into Leadership

Being a strong leader is much easier said than done. Sometimes, leadership is something we strive for through things like being promoted to a higher position at work or running for a leadership position in a club or organization we're apart of. Other times, we are forced into leadership roles due to turnover or restructuring at a company or organization we belong to. And, of course, if you're taking the leap into launching your own business, you've become a leader in that respect.

Here at PressReady, we want you to be the strongest leader possible for your business and the way you conduct your own public relations. We've garnered some of our best leadership tips pulled straight from our Tool Kits and Pitch Kits, which are available for purchase here

1. Don't bite off more than you can chew. 

When you're growing your business, you may feel tempted to expand in as many ways as possible all at once. This is where educated, well fleshed-out decision making needs to come into play. Should you bring onboard freelancers or interns? Should you pitch more towards print or digital media? Should you pitch journalists at the local or national? Should your business relocate? More tips on balancing your business's budget, deciding where to pitch, and what steps you should take moving forward can be found through Pitch Pro: Build Your Business Narrative & 6-Month PR Plan or Pitch Personal: Build Your Personal Brand.

2. If you're not an editor, designer, influencer, etc... send it to someone who is.

We all have our natural born skills and talents. If writing isn't your thing, outsource writing duties to an intern or freelance whose skill set can be best utilized in this area. Same goes for marketing, graphic design, etc. Of course, it's important to know the basics of these skills, but if it's not your expertise, put someone else in a leadership position for that facet of your company. You can learn more about constructing your company's style guide here with our Style Guide toolkit! And, for tips on graphic designer, check out our blog post here!

3. Be willing to learn.

Entrepreneurship can be a trial-and-error type of experience, especially when first getting started. Learning from other entrepreneurs and experts in their fields is a great way to see where you can grow in your skill set to help grow your business. For a holistic approach to gaining necessary PR skills for your business, check out our Tool Kit bundle, Pitch Prep: Branding Bundle! 

For more resources on leadership, entrepreneurship, and other similar topics, check out our website, blog, or contact us! 


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