#PRadvice Biggest Lessons Learned from Communication College Students

By PressReady Team

#PRadvice Biggest Lessons Learned from Communication College Students

Communication college courses… full of research, analysis, group projects, presentations, writing assignments and a ton of class participation. Communication courses require lots of collaboration, insight sharing, and “The Best and Worst PR Moves” class discussions. 

Amongst all of the teamwork and hard work, are a lot of lessons learned from professors, classmates, peers, and most definitely from mistakes made! Our Winter and Spring 2021 PressReady Interns share their biggest lessons learned as communication students. 


Lauren’s Biggest Lesson Learned - PR Edition 

As a second-semester junior at Marist College, I have learned many lessons, big and small, in my public relations courses. I have learned that it is completely normal to have at least 6-7 tabs open at all times on my laptop, that the number of social media outlets I have is overwhelming and that I have no shame in asking anyone I know to take my surveys for those data and analytics communication classes… the more responses the better!

The biggest lesson I have learned is the importance of effectively working well with others as well as independently. 

Being a team player is so important in the communications field as you will often find yourself working in a group and collaborating with others. I have learned that being a great groupmate means listening to everyone’s ideas and supporting one another’s thinking process (no idea is a bad idea)! A great groupmate also helps to set meeting times and pre-deadlines to ensure the work is being done on-time as well as cohesively. Most importantly, I have learned the value of expressing your gratitude to your group mates and how proud you are of them! After working with my group on a campaign project for the entirety of the Fall 2020 semester, I truly was sad to part ways with them as I was beyond thankful to have worked with such amazing peers!

Isley’s Biggest Lesson Learned - PR Edition

As a graduate of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel, I too have learned a variety of lessons throughout my public relations courses and internship experiences. 

The first being that it is important to ask questions and to be inquisitive. As students and interns, we are constantly learning new things about the public relations industry. Asking questions helps you uncover the challenges you are facing and come up with better solutions. It also shows your interest in the subject and your willingness to learn. 

The second lesson being the importance of communication, especially during the time of COVID-19. Good communication skills are vital in the public relations industry. They are essential in allowing others and yourself to understand information quickly and accurately.

However, the biggest lesson I have learned is to be completely honest in everything you do. In the public relations industry, it is especially important to be honest because we are creating and releasing information about a company or a brand to the public. It is vital to be completely transparent in order to deliver the best possible results for yourself and the client. 


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