Our 2022 Interns’ New Year’s Resolutions as College Students

By PressReady Team

Our 2022 Interns’ New Year’s Resolutions as College Students

It is crazy to think that we’ve already celebrated two birthdays during the pandemic and it is even scarier to think that we may have a third this year. They say that your early twenties are the best years of your life. You can legally drink, it is the perfect time to go see the world, meet new people, and you finally have some new found “freedom” from your family. Instead we’ve all been having lots of quality time at home with our family instead of developing new relationships and meaningingful new moments in our college years thanks to Covid. Take back your best years and set some goals this year! 


Ciara Redfearn, Junior at Roger Williams University

Focus on being more positive: Being positive has always been something that I have struggled with. This year I want to change that by doing things that make me happy and are good for me. I want to surround myself with positive people, focus on the positivity in my life, and I want to start choosing positivity everyday when I wake up.

Travel, Travel, Travel: With the pandemic going on, there are so many things I can’t do. This year, I want to stop making excuses for doing things because of the pandemic. I want to start loving the world and loving life, so this year, 2022, I plan on seeing at least one National Park!

Read more fashion books/magazines: Fashion is something that I have always been passionate about. This appreciation for fashion had led me to wanting to work alongside the fashion PR and marketing agency, Founder and President of Mariposa Communications, Liz Anthony. This year I want to involve myself in collecting fashion books and magazines


Erin Carlson, Junior at James Madison University

Wake up earlier: This year I not only want to wake up earlier, but I also want to establish an early morning routine. I want to wake up with enough time to do an at home workout, eat a hearty breakfast, and get ready for the day with some time to spare for relaxing before my classes start.

Get back into working out: Before the pandemic I was training to be a spin instructor. Once the pandemic hit, I became even more involved with working out, more than I have ever been before. Recently I have slowed down since getting back to school, but I want to start taking classes again 3-4 times a week.

Take 10k steps per day: During the pandemic I fell in love with going for long walks and hikes. In the long run, I found a positive change in my mental and physical health. I want to start getting up and getting active, such as taking long walks again. Now thanks to technology, it is easy to keep track of your steps on your watch or your phone and track your progress! I aim to meditate and listen to a podcast!


2022 is full of potential, we just have to stay safe and start seizing our moments back! 


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