Micro New Year’s Resolutions for All!

By PressReady Team

Micro New Year’s Resolutions for All!

2020 was a year nobody expected. It was full of chaos, exhaustion, confusion and so much sadness worldwide. Luckily, 2021 is here and we are excited for what the new year will bring! To help kick off the new year, we have created a list of micro resolutions easy to accomplish for small businesses. Turn these resolutions into reality one step at a time!

Be Active on Social Media 

One step in growing your small business is to be active on social media platforms. Key social media platforms small businesses should use are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

An active social media presence allows a business to connect with current clients, prospective clients and to expand its brand awareness. Try to post engaging content at least 3 times a week on your company’s social media sites in 2021 to continue to drive engagement with current followers while growing new ones! 

Expand your Network 

Networking is key to growing personally and professionally. It can help you find more opportunities and clients to grow your business. It also allows you to learn more about your industry, improve your skill sets, share ideas and find new resources. In 2021, let’s have a goal of networking with at least one other fellow small business owner each month! 

Communicate with your Team 

Communication is the foundation in every aspect of your life. But, it is especially important when growing your small business. Without effective communication, misunderstandings and conflicts can occur amongst your staff leading to unnecessary issues. Schedule time out of your day to communicate and host a regularly scheduled video catch up with them each week in 2021!

Eliminate Inefficiencies 

2021 is the year of change and productivity. Let’s get rid of what doesn’t work for your business starting now! Whether it’s severing ties with an unreliable supplier, getting a better working printer, signing up for a new productivity-boosting software or changing offices - it is important to say goodbye to what isn’t working so that your company can reach its highest potential! 

We hope these tips make 2021 your business’s most successful year yet. Cheers to turning these micro resolutions into reality!


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