Influencer Interviews: 5 Questions with Isis Louw of @thesmartfashionistas

By PressReady Team

Influencer Interviews: 5 Questions with Isis Louw of @thesmartfashionistas

In our 5 Questions series, we catch up with our favorite editors and influencers to find out just what it takes to make them want to learn more about a business and consider it for coverage. 

For our very first Influencer Interview in the series we spoke with Isis Louw of @thesmartfashionistas about her biggest pet peeves, what she looks for in a pitch and partnership and the best way to reach her. 

Name: Isis Louw

City: NYC

IG Handle: @Thesmartfashionistas

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to brands or publicists reaching out?

When they have little to no idea what I do. For example when they ask me to post a pre shot flyer or image on my wall for publicity when my job is to create content and make it as personal as possible. Also brands who want me to work for free!

What is the most useful piece of information for them to include?

Nature of the task, remuneration or reward.

What do people often forget to mention or ask for?

A realistic or accurate timeline.

What do you look for in a successful brand partnership?

A healthy, long-term relationship!

What’s your preferred method of communication?

When it comes to work - email is best.


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