Influencer Interviews: 5 Questions with Blogger Greta Hollar

By Madeline Leesman

Influencer Interviews: 5 Questions with Blogger Greta Hollar

In our 5 Questions series, we catch up with our favorite editors and influencers to find out just what it takes to make them want to learn more about a business and consider it for coverage. 

Today's interview is with Nashville blogger and content creator Greta Hollar. Greta gives us her insight on how to maintain a successful brand partnership, about the best way to follow-up on a pitch, and the "don'ts" of pitching!

Name: Greta Hollar

City: Nashville, TN

IG Handle: @greta_hollar

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to brands or publicists reaching out? 
When they spell my name wrong, call me the wrong person, or address the email with my Instagram handle (Dear @greta_hollar...)  It seems impersonal and makes me think they might have reached out to the wrong person. Not a great first impression!

What is the most useful piece of information for them to include? 
I like when all the requirements are laid out in the initial email. What the campaign is, what they want from me, deliverables, timeline, compensation, etc. This saves time going back and forth asking questions and helps me decide quickly if it's a good fit or not.

What do people often forget to mention or ask for? 
Photo rights. When a brand and you set up a partnership, you don't think to ask what they want to do with your photos. Do they want to use them on socials? Use them on their website or email marketing? Put you on a billboard? You also need to know what kind of rights they want; non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free. All of these things can increase the price of your work! I see other bloggers who sign contracts without reading and next thing they know, they walk in a store or see a billboard and it's their image and they had no idea their photos were going to be used in that way.  

What do you look for in a successful brand partnership?
I look for brands that are respectful of time, work and appreciate the creative process. Say it's been raining for a week and I haven't gotten the perfect shot for a campaign, the brand understands and is willing to give me a short extension. In return, I give them more photos than required and maybe throw in another social media post. It's give and take in successful brand partnerships. 

What’s your preferred method of communication?
Email. I work hard to stay on top of my emails and keep it at 0. I respond to emails faster than I do texts or phone calls!


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