Fall Forward with Best Laid Plans

By PressReady Team

Fall Forward with Best Laid Plans

When thinking about planning, we immediately think of New Year's resolutions. We use it as a way to adjust our practices and determine what can be improved to ensure success in the coming year. But, with the impact of COVID, why wait until the end of the year? Planning will give you a chance to take a step back and look at the big picture. This pandemic has given us the time to prioritize what matters most to us and that motivation can be used to get organized for Q4!  


Treat this strange period as a perfectly imperfect time to start planning content through to the end of the year as best as you can. By doing this, you’ll not only save yourself the stress of figuring out what content to use on the spot, but you’ll also be able to identify what works with your audience. Track engagement on certain social media posts and see how your clients are responding to different forms of communication. 

Additionally, map out what topics you want to discuss on your various platforms. Ask yourself what kind of blog posts you think would be important to your readers and figure out how to deliver them in an exciting way. Keep track of current trends and use innovative ways to share them with your clients; create a direction that appeals to your followers and find a way to showcase it.  Planning topics ahead of time will also help to create fluidity and consistency, helping to curate your community more. 


Get started using our tools to help guide you along the way. We’re here to help! 

  •  Brand Calendar Workbook assists you through the planning process, helping you to build an efficient content calendar. It includes a 4-step workbook to help you build your monthly content publishing schedule across different platforms and gives you tips on producing memorable content. It also features blog strategy tips, content ideas, a quality assurance Q&A, and a step-by-step production process. This kit is perfect for someone looking to get organized. 
  •  Brand Identity Workbook helps you to think through your brand’s story, allowing you to better define and speak to your identity, vision, and goals. This kit is a Q&A workbook that helps you clearly define who you are as a brand and the direction you’d like to go in. This book is perfect to refer back to for days, weeks, months, and years to come to remind you how to accurately tell your story while spreading meaningful awareness. 

No matter how you decide to plan your content, remember to keep your audience in mind and have fun! This process doesn’t have to be grueling, and look at it as the perfect time to really solidify your brand. Good Luck and Happy October!


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