Brand Exposure 101: Now That Things Are Opening Up Again

By PressReady Team

Brand Exposure 101: Now That Things Are Opening Up Again

It’s finally here: the small yet brightly glimmering light at the end of the tunnel. As people in the United States and across the world become vaccinated at higher rates, certain regions are beginning to ease up on tighter restrictions and COVID-19 precautions. And with the decline in lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing, it seems as though real life is finally starting to come back around at long last. Because of this, we at PressReady wanted to provide business owners of all types with strategies that they can use to reach a wider audience, now that in-person events have become more and more prevalent again. 

  • Host a “Reopening”: While we adjusted to Zoom and social media as our main source of communication in the midst of quarantine, many streets full of shops and businesses were silent and empty. Holding a “Reopening” event for your small business is the only fair and celebratory way of sending a message to customers that your store is once again accessible to shop at after so many months.
  • Create a Fundraiser: The Covid-19 Pandemic took a toll on everyone in some shape or form. According to the CDC, concerns regarding mental health increased rapidly during the Covid-19 lockdown orders, with roughly 41% of individuals in a study reporting to have symptoms of mental illness. With so many who have suffered from the virus, hosting a fundraiser at your store for a charity of your choice can be a great way to help out others and do a greater good, while also contributing to brand awareness.
  • Interact with your Customers Truly get to know your audience, and always be a good listener. As a result of in-person interactions becoming more frequent, we are able to get a better idea of the interests of those that we meet with. By being aware of your audience’s desired products and services, as well as your customer’s own personalities and traits, business owners are able to adjust the design of their brand to a targeted group of individuals, and gain more brand exposure. What problems are they looking to solve? As a good rule of thumb, being a friendly and welcoming business owner can only improve the reputation of your brand, and increase the likeliness that your store will be recommended and spoken highly of.
  • Host a Joint Event: Many businesses just like yours are seeking ways to host an occasion to promote their brand, yet may not have the availability of room or financial resources. Working with another business to hold a fun in person event is not only a wonderful way of getting your brand out to potential customers, but allowing for you to network and make friends with other businesses that may be similar to you, and may be able to work with you in the future! 
  • Continue to Use Technology To Your Advantage! Just because we are eager to meet in person again, doesn’t mean we should just forget all the new techniques and means of communication that electronics taught us over the course of the pandemic. Make sure to maintain a strong social media presence on all outlets, and resume connecting with others through the use of emails, texts, phone calls, and yes, even Zoom calls. 

  • The world is slowly, yet surely, recovering, and it is important that business owners are ready and prepared for a comeback of their own. And while the pandemic caused a great deal of distress for all of us, we have learned to be grateful for our in-person interactions with customers, and appreciate the time we spend in stores and walking down the street. Make sure to use these tips and techniques on ways you can increase your in-person brand exposure, and to get your business back on its feet to face the real world once again! 


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